Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sasha visits Dorothy's namesake memorial

I've had this project to do on my list for several years and finally yesterday took tiime to do it. The namesake for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was an infant niece of Frank Baum's who died in infancy in Bloomington, Illinois, less than twenty miles from where I live. So we dressed little Velvet in her Dorothy costume and rounded up Toto and set out. After discovering the cemetery was huge and a maze of roadways we stopped at the caretaker's office and sought help. The Memorial Garden and bench were both right next to the entrance and office but alas little Dorothy's grave was far beyond that area.
We brought a rose for Dorothy and took some photos for those of you too far away to visit her. We left the rose in honor of all the enjoyment of Wizard of Oz we've had all through my childhood.
Here is the online website that prompted me to follow through on my visit.
It tells you the story of finding Dorothy by one persistent fan and their dedication to her memory.

Friday, August 27, 2010


There is a lot of chatter on one of the Sasha online groups about Cora and Caleb. Therefore my dear Cora waif has insisted on making a debut on my blog here. She came nude from a Montana thriftstore off Ebay and at a steal of a price along with her brother, Caleb who was completely dressed and boxed if I remember correctly.
So I've post a photo of her in her possibly original outfit bought from one of the Sasha group members complete with ultra short knit dress and red sandals.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Posting my Sasha collettion photos

I'm starting to sort out my Sasha collection. The question was 'who to start with?' Since our forecasted sunny day didn't materialize I decided to post my early Gotz waif. Her known history is a sad one but with a nice ending. She was bought at a garage sale 10 or so years ago, a childhood leftover and then retrieved after that long from the bottom of a toy box in disaray with hair all askew and various marks, and floppy limbs to land on ebay as a bargain Buy It Now. So although she has no child to love her now she is restored and stands tall among my other Sashas. She's wearing an original Gotz raincape, new era Gotz shoes and reproduction dungarees and shirt by me. I know her view of life is better than from a bottom of a toxbox now. View her photo on the right near the bottom of the blog.
She is Sasha Amei after the Swiss knitter of lovely Sasha Festival charity donations. Later you will see some of Amei's knitting on my Baby Sashas.