Friday, October 5, 2018

I recently bought an early Gotz who had some armholes that were on the point of  tearing on the body side of the armhole.  The metal hook was rubbing on the soft plastic of the lower part of the body armhole.  So I had some rubber soft tubing that I used to cushion the hook.   Here are photos of what I did.  This maybe 'old hat' to Sasha repair people but I thought I'd share how to protect the armhole.  Here are a few photos to show what I did.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

London Capri set  Knit cotton capris  Cotton pipe trimmed flared top with capped snap closure.
$16.00 plus postage
My Sasha's have reclaimed me.  I'm going through all my pattern books, Sasha papers  and reorganizing and doing some thinning.  I've long neglected them although they are in several rooms here. Just made an outfit and put it on Facebook to sell  I'll post it here.