Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sasha Festival viewed second hand

Wonderful photos of the Sasha festival held in San Francisco on the SashaMart photo section and on Fran's blog. Almost but not quite like being there in person. I really appreciate seeing all the photos of the Sashas and people. It really is a chore to comment on all the photos and to set them up on line so again thank you to all.
If you aren't familiar with Sashamart group on yahoo you should really join in as well as the SashaL group on yahoo. There you find links to Fran's blog and others who have festival photos to share.Heidi and Sheila look great. You are an inspiration to chubby me!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Reading

Sasha has become infatuated with fairy story books these hot and humid summer days. Here is a dress inspired by her passion for fairies in a darling cotton print. Accented with piping and unique tulip sleeve styling.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Free baseball cap pattern for Sasha/Gregor

To launch my new blog I'm offering a pdf file for a baseball cap for Sasha or Gregor. It would be cute in pink polka dots for Sasha or a cap with a favorite baseball logo on it for either Sasha or Gregor. My first idea was to offer it on site here but searching on how to post a pdf file is beyond my computer skills at the moment. If you would email me at I will send you the one page PDF file for it.
Happy Fourth of July to all.

Summer Fashions for sale

I've had a long hiatus from Sasha sewing and have been inspired to get back into sewing for her and her family. My dresses are now featured on the home page of Sasha Mart and that has given me a boost to offer my blog and its listings to the Sasha Mom's out there.
Here are some fashions for your doll's summer fun.
Please email for purchases.
Comments are welcomed.