Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sasha Sewing bug has struck

Looking at my cartons, yes plastic multi gallon containers of fabric has finally stimulated me to get sewing some Sasha fashions. I have a few photos to share of the recent finished items all for sale, just email me for info.
I've spent the winter doing sewing and a lot of knitting for projects I want to do and have neglected the poor Sashas. Before you feel to sad for them you need to know they already have plastic multi gallon containers of shoes and clothes already. They have two dress racks full of dresses also.
Spring has finally hit my part of the Midwest and fortunately the tornados have swirled south of us. Always a scary time when the sirens go off. Last year I had a laundry basket handy for quick evacuation of Sashas to the basement. I was hoping they didn't protest like my boys used to when we shooed them off when the weather sirens blew. I know there are some believers in Joplin, Missouri now. A ghastly site for sure.
Stay safe and dry