Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Having to miss the Sasha Festival this year, my Sashas felt sadly neglected. I've brought out the patterns and the camera and tried to cheer them up.  Once the patterns were out and the fabric stash rummaged through, the ideas started flowing and they all wanted to be redressed and photographed.  Here are a few of their outfits.  Some are on my Etsy site That's Sew Sandy and you can search them by putting in Sasha doll as a search word.
The summer is sweltering here. The weather man calls it a sauna outside as any Midwesterner knows a humid day can be here. The flowers are loving it as long as they get watered too.
Anxious to hear of the Festival news.  Can't imagine all the work Millie did on the smocked dresses. Her work is lovely and I'm fortunate to have a few of her smocked clothes for Sasha.
I've rewigged a poor ravaged blond baby boy that I got at a doll show for a very low price. I found a wig on ebay for $5 and took a chance and now he is a little redhead.  I'd watched ebay for a red headed baby only to see the prices got so high that I didn't bid. I'm pleased with how he turned out.
I've got more Sasha clothes to put on my models but my civic duty is is the way this week as I have jury duty to deal with this week.
How is your summer going?