Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn Sewing

Fall weather brings a major shift if the fabrics to choose out of the stash. I'm determined to not add to the overwhelming array of fabrics I've collected with quilting and sewing for Sasha. Fall colors are some of my favorite hues and I'll post a dress I've made last week for Sasha. It is also on Etsy at\dollynurse. As usual I have more sewing ideas than time but it is such a pleasant stress releaser. I'm anxious to delve into the corduroys I've saved.
If interested in the dress please let me know

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cool summer days cont'd

Just an additon to the last post. I've posted a photo of the Baby and Toddler Esther black and white print rompers. Sold as a set. Shoes not included. Cute combination for a Sasha family photo.
Set is $30

Cool air

We have cool un-humid air this morning.. the windows are open and the cats are loving the window sills. I have a few more clothes to post. It is the snap and button sewing that slows me down. I always put that off until the last moment.
Here is a cute Sasha Sister Summer set. The lovely sandals are not for sale.
Please email for questions or purchases.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Sewing

Sweltering heat here in the Midwest. The flowers and shrubs are loving it as we get an occassional shower also. I've been sewing in my spare time and finishing up some UFO sewing that I've put aside for one reason or another earlier. Here are a few of the finished clothes for Sasha. Keep in mind the Toddler Sasha clothes also fit Baby Sasha.
Feel free to email any questions

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Nautical Dress

Long waisted cotton dress at ankle length although the photo looks like it is longer. The white hat is trimmed in fabric to match the dress. Great dress for a summer tea. Buttons over snaps for the back closing. Just finished the dress this am while we have a little breather before the forecasted HEAT wave hits us. Any Sashas left in winter clothes are begging for the change to summer light weight ones before the hot weather hits us. Forecasted to be as 'bad' as 1936 which is even before my time!
Still sewing away in my spare time. how about you?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SUMMER outfits for sale for Sasha

I've been saving up my photos of my sewing burst of energy for the week of the Sashs Festival for those of you not able to attend. I will be posting some fun clothes for Sasha, Gregor and Baby and even Toddler this week. Here are a few to start.
Contact for mailing prices and availability. Hope you enjoy the photos and find something you like and a treat for your Sashas

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sasha Sewing bug has struck

Looking at my cartons, yes plastic multi gallon containers of fabric has finally stimulated me to get sewing some Sasha fashions. I have a few photos to share of the recent finished items all for sale, just email me for info.
I've spent the winter doing sewing and a lot of knitting for projects I want to do and have neglected the poor Sashas. Before you feel to sad for them you need to know they already have plastic multi gallon containers of shoes and clothes already. They have two dress racks full of dresses also.
Spring has finally hit my part of the Midwest and fortunately the tornados have swirled south of us. Always a scary time when the sirens go off. Last year I had a laundry basket handy for quick evacuation of Sashas to the basement. I was hoping they didn't protest like my boys used to when we shooed them off when the weather sirens blew. I know there are some believers in Joplin, Missouri now. A ghastly site for sure.
Stay safe and dry

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sashas are wishing for Spring

A brief 'warm' interlude in the fifties and my Sashas have gotten a sniff of spring which will sadly disappear in the next few days. However they persuaded me to stitch a few clothes for them and some to share with you for sale. It's been awhile since I've stitched for Sasha but she is my all time favorite to dress. How about you? What is your favorite? Now the Gregors are protesting for equal time. It seems it never ends when you have a house full of Sasha dolls. I'll post two outfits the Sashas are offering for sale. I started to post them on Ebay but choked on the final selling percentage. Wow I also have an Etsy site, called That's Sew Sandy. Hope spring is in your future soon as snow is in our forecast here.