Saturday, October 8, 2016

I've returned to my poor neglected Sashas. There was a small gathering of Sasha admirers in downstate Illinois a few weekends ago and that is what renewed my Sasha interest.  Never mind they've been staring at me all over the house. 
I've started looking them over and cleaning them.  Washing their hair and restringing three of them so far.  It's almost like rediscovering them as I go through their clothes and frankly can't remember buying some of them.
Here is the little redhead I talked about three years ago in my post.  He's wearing a knit outfit from the UK. Sorry I can't remember the knitter's name but it was probably off Ebay.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Having to miss the Sasha Festival this year, my Sashas felt sadly neglected. I've brought out the patterns and the camera and tried to cheer them up.  Once the patterns were out and the fabric stash rummaged through, the ideas started flowing and they all wanted to be redressed and photographed.  Here are a few of their outfits.  Some are on my Etsy site That's Sew Sandy and you can search them by putting in Sasha doll as a search word.
The summer is sweltering here. The weather man calls it a sauna outside as any Midwesterner knows a humid day can be here. The flowers are loving it as long as they get watered too.
Anxious to hear of the Festival news.  Can't imagine all the work Millie did on the smocked dresses. Her work is lovely and I'm fortunate to have a few of her smocked clothes for Sasha.
I've rewigged a poor ravaged blond baby boy that I got at a doll show for a very low price. I found a wig on ebay for $5 and took a chance and now he is a little redhead.  I'd watched ebay for a red headed baby only to see the prices got so high that I didn't bid. I'm pleased with how he turned out.
I've got more Sasha clothes to put on my models but my civic duty is is the way this week as I have jury duty to deal with this week.
How is your summer going?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It has been a challenging summer for me but however whizzed by at full speed.  Here the kids are back to school and school is let out early for 'hot' weather.  I've got new clothes for Gregor for sale and will take some orders.   He's sporting cargo pant shorts while the weather persists to be warm into the fall.   Here he wearing T shirts with shorts and sport shirts in pretty plaids, or shoud I say manly plaids for school days.  Pockets on cargo pants actually can stow away the random frog or pretty rock or other treasure he may find on his way to and from school.
Email for any questions...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving all the reports from the festival for Sasha in the UK.  I had to be content with my lovely new book  on Sasha clothes that luckily came the week of the festival so I could have a taste of Sasha lore.
One evening I spent cutting out copies from huge sheets from Kinkos so I could save the originals and have put them in a notebook for future use.
I had requests for sundresses for Sasha out of the London fabric so here are some samples of these.  I also found a companion British fabric in navy and red with symbols of the UK on it so made a dress out of that.   We have the London Summer Olympics to celebrate next so the UK print is relevant for most of the summer and some of us are just Anglophiles... hope that is the right word .... lovers of all things British. 
Take a peek and if you are interested in ordering please don't hesitate to order before my stash runs out or request a different print if you Sasha needs a sundress.
Welcome home to all the Sashas and their Mom's

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I found the most delightful London themed fabric quite by accident at a favorite quilt store. Of course my main rasson was to pick up a new sewing machine attachment and exit the store without adding even more to my fabric stash but this one fabric caught my attention. I immediately thought of the Sasha Festival in the UK this year and thought what great shirts the scaled print would make. Then after filling orders for the short sets, I've had requests for Sasha herself so I made a few outfits for her to model. Most unfortunately my Sashas won't be attending but they'll have to celebrate Sasha love from home and on the Sasha groups on Yaoo this year. Having to go back and buy more of the fabric to complete orders, the clerks kindly pointed out a second fabric with a similar theme in bright dark blue, well couldn't hardly pass that up so now more choices. Incidently if you go to www.libertyjane and go the BFC pattern tab I've discovered the tank top pattern works for Sasha. You might check out the few other free patterns there also.... Oh main thought here was the tank top pattern was FREE to download. Probably should have started with that point. I was actually trying to fit a Kish Chrysalis doll and the pattern was too big for her. The joy of having dolls of every size is the 'oops' turnouts will fit someone in the collection. Is that a good rational for having dolls of all sizes or not? Let me show you some of the London print outfits I've come up with here on my blog. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. check my picturetrail site for more Sasha, Gregor and Baby Sasha clothes

Friday, April 27, 2012

I've been sewing a bit for my Sashas lately and they requested lacy undergarments. So I searched my stash and made them lacy camisoles to go with lace trimmed cotton knit panties. I've made a few to sell so if you are interested please email for availability.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knitting binge and Unfinished Projects

My vow for the new year was to finish or at least make a dent in my unfinished project pile. Well, there are a few piles, one of Sasha clothes, one of quilt tops, and assorted 'other' projects. I am so good at starting a new endeavor. Not so good at following through.
So I started on the knitting for Sasha. A few required only ends tucked in or neckline ribbing or in a few cases sleeves added on. It's a good thing, as dear Martha Stewart would say , to have that feeling you've finished something. The mystery is why I don't strive for that more often. It's just so much more fun to start on a new project. There are just so many wonderful ideas and so little time. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. What are you working on this winter?
Central Illinois weather offered its usual dull drab overcast day and an oppurtunity to photograph some of the sweaters. So here are some photos for you to look over.