Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving all the reports from the festival for Sasha in the UK.  I had to be content with my lovely new book  on Sasha clothes that luckily came the week of the festival so I could have a taste of Sasha lore.
One evening I spent cutting out copies from huge sheets from Kinkos so I could save the originals and have put them in a notebook for future use.
I had requests for sundresses for Sasha out of the London fabric so here are some samples of these.  I also found a companion British fabric in navy and red with symbols of the UK on it so made a dress out of that.   We have the London Summer Olympics to celebrate next so the UK print is relevant for most of the summer and some of us are just Anglophiles... hope that is the right word .... lovers of all things British. 
Take a peek and if you are interested in ordering please don't hesitate to order before my stash runs out or request a different print if you Sasha needs a sundress.
Welcome home to all the Sashas and their Mom's