Friday, July 2, 2010

Free baseball cap pattern for Sasha/Gregor

To launch my new blog I'm offering a pdf file for a baseball cap for Sasha or Gregor. It would be cute in pink polka dots for Sasha or a cap with a favorite baseball logo on it for either Sasha or Gregor. My first idea was to offer it on site here but searching on how to post a pdf file is beyond my computer skills at the moment. If you would email me at I will send you the one page PDF file for it.
Happy Fourth of July to all.


  1. Hi Sandy
    A beautifull blog you set up, your clothes are just adorable as usual, I tried to be a follower, but it wouldn't let me.You have a great 4th, to.
    Jackie Hyatt

  2. Sandy,
    I also have a blog on blogspot, and attached a file at one point. Photos are done automatically for you through picasa (which is a google product, like blogspot). You have to do files yourself using a google product called "Docs".
    Go to "My Account" (I'm sure you can get there other ways, but it's in the upper right when you create a new post). After the "my products" section (google tools you've already signed up for) is a section called "try something new". If "Docs" is under "my products", you're set to use it, if not you need to click on it and follow the prompts/directions to sign up.
    After that, it's pretty straight forward to add files any time by going to "my account" and clicking on the "Docs" product (note, I've only done this with an excel file, but I'm pretty sure it works with pdfs too). There is an "upload" button at the upper left. Once you have the file uploaded, put a check in the box next to it and use the pulldown labeled "share" to choose "Share settings". This opens a box which says "Paste this link in email or IM:" Highlight the lint, copy it, and paste it into your blog post (I think I used mine as a "link" around some text in my post).
    Hopefully this makes some sense to you -- I may use new/different jargon than you're used to, but it's not as difficult as it sounds in writing. Shoot me an email if you try this and need help (franberry at aol dot com).
    Welcome to the Sasha blog world!

  3. What a beautiful much fun to view.

    Thank you for sharing it.